Men: What if she is pregnant?

The Carolina Pregnancy Center is here to support you as well as her. You may find that you are not sure what to say to her after she tells you she has had a positive test. We have resources and peer counseling support available to you both.

Here are some things to consider:

Be open to both talk and listen. Sometimes a listening ear can do a world of good and let her know you care about her and what she is feeling.

Find good information. Carolina Pregnancy Center has factual information about all pregnancy options.

Talk to people you trust to give you sound advice. They care about you, so they will care about what concerns you.

Be honest and keep the communication going. This involves both of you, so don’t close her out by not communicating. Don’t ignore her feelings or your own.

Don’t run away from the situation. It may not be what you had planned, but if you avoid it, it will not go away.

Don’t put pressure on her in order to have your own way. Working together to make decisions will make both of you feel included and valued.

Please call Carolina Pregnancy Center if you would like to talk with a peer counselor about your situation, your thoughts and your concerns.